Customer Testimonials

Bryan – thanks so much for the improvements you made to my Squier basses – the lightweight tuners are so smooth on the Jazz bass and the Emerson pots and new wiring you put in the Precision really brought out the tone!John S. - Knoxville, TN
Excellent service and repair work. Bryan took care of my Martin 00015s and my Gibson Midtown. Both play great now, Bryan is my go to guy for any guitar work.Scott McMahan -
Just wanted to thank you for the work on my guitar. It plays great! Probably better than any guitar I’ve had in a long time. I’ll pass your name around.Richard B. - Knoxville, TN
Bryan is a great guy, and he does really good work. My bass plays so much better than I ever imagined it could! I highly recommend his services, and I’ll gladly give him more of my business.Mike H. - Knoxville, TN
Thanks for a really good setup job on my guitar and going the extra mile addressing a fret issue!Buck H. - Knoxville, TN
I just wanted to thank you again for fixing my guitar with quality handmade parts and taking the time to make it look and sound great without increasing the quoted price. I appreciate you taking the time needed to repair an “oldie”… I wanted to let you know that I am aware you went above and beyond what was expected. Will call again in the future! Wendy S. - Knoxville, TN
Thank you Bryan. My guitar looks, feels and plays great!Todd F. - Knoxville, TN
Bryan, Just a quick note to express my sincere appreciation of your work. My hope was that the SL3 could be brought to something approaching any of my Charvels, as the guitar was a gift from my son. In light of the fact that the guitar had been handled by another shop, and despite several upgrades, it was virtually unplayable; my expectations were low. The SL3 sounds, looks and plays FANTASTIC. Tuning is dead on… not something easily achieved with a Floyd rose bridge. Thank you for ressurecting my guitar. It easily surpasses my Charvels in every category.Mark B. - Knoxville, TN
Bryan has worked on three of my guitars; a 1937 Gibson L-12, a 1993 Hamer USA and a Gibson Advanced Jumbo. He does great work, has fair pricing and is the best luthier in Knoxville. Highly recommended.Alex E. - Knoxville, TN
Nice guy and exceptional work. Knoxville is lucky to have someone with Bryan’s skill level.Jordan S. - Knoxville, TN
Bryan was very thorough in explaining the process required to install a new tailpiece on my mandolin. He did an excellent job and I am very pleased! He also polished out some scuff marks on the top and it looks brand new. Super fast turnaround and very reasonably priced. I will be recommending him to all my pickin’ friends. And on top of it all – he’s a super nice guy as well.David B. - Maryville, TN
Great guy that knows what he’s doing. Fired my Peavey T-40 bass, right back to life. Highly recommend. Thanks Bryan.Andy P. - Knoxville, TN
Quality, precision, and extra care are put into each guitar setup/repair. Great personality too! Bryan was glad to help anyone and communicate with them even when other issues happen. I highly recommend Bryan for fret repair, setups and anything your instrument needs!Ryan B. - Robbins, TN
Bryan has set up every guitar I own and restored a number of relics from my past. No one else touches my instruments.Dave M. - Sevierville, TN
Good, clean, quick repairs. Bryan knows what he’s doing.Benjamin D. - Knoxville, TN
Bryan did an excellent job of fixing my electric guitar. I bought this guitar used and it had it’s original pickups replaced with Dimarzios but it had been rewired all wrong and the tone and volume pots were scratchy sounding. Bryan rewired the entire guitar CORRECTLY & put in new tone and volume pots with coil tapping capability. I am very happy with the job Bryan did and his price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend him.Donna K. - Oak Ridge, TN
Bryan Parris Guitar Repair is THE best! Bryan just doesn’t stop until its right! I’m reunited with my newly refretted Strat and I’m a happy camper!Tom S. - Seymour, TN
Bryan, my strat is playing better than ever. Thanks for the great work!Peter T. - Knoxville, TN
I highly recommend Bryan Parris to anyone who appreciates what a highly conscientious guitar technician can do. He truly has a passion for his craft and I will be using his services again in the near future.Billy D. - Knoxville, TN
I run a school of music. I recommend Bryan Parris Guitar Repair to our students who need guitar work done. He always does a great job.Jeff Comas. - Knoxville Academy of Music
Bryan has worked on 2 of my guitars now and exceeded my expectations both times.Jim M. - Knoxville, TN
I just got my G&L JB back from Bryan yesterday. I brought it in to have my pickups swapped out and have it set up. Bryan had my bass done when he said he would, and his prices were very reasonable. Upon arriving at Bryan’s house, he informed me of a minor problem: the factory bridge had a defect where it was making it impossible to get the intonation right on my flat wound strings. Here is where Bryan really distinguished himself from the other techs I have used in the past. He personally spent the better part of his morning working with me to acquire the parts I needed ( longer saddle screws in a hard to find size), and made sure I did not leave until he had the action adjusted to my liking and I was 100% satisfied. My bass now sound and plays great, and also looks great thanks to Bryan’s impeccable attention to detail. If you are looking for a great tech who will think outside of the box to get the job done, Bryan is your man!Kris K. - Knoxville, TN
Bryan does great work. Did a set-up and some fret work on my Ibanez 5 string. Plays much better. Also replaced cracked tuner rollers, a fret dress and set-up on my Alvarez Yairi CY130. It plays better than it did new in ’77. I have recommended him to several people.John N. - Wartburg, TN
I had a fret dress and setup done on my Larrivee OM, action is perfect and plays like a dream. Bryan does top notch work and is a great guy to deal with!Davon D. - Greenback, TN
I recently had my Baritone Ukulele set up by Bryan Parris. I got this Uke about six months ago, so I could take it camping or hang out with my friends, without lugging my guitar around. Besides putting on new and better strings (that I bought from Morelock Music), Bryan rounded the frets and lowered the action of the strings. I can tell a big difference in how it plays.Beto C. - Knoxville, TN
Very happy with my setup on my Les Paul standard. Bryan is really friendly and does superb work! Highly recommended!Nate C. - Knoxville, TN
I picked up my two basses I was having Bryan do some work on and I must say I couldn’t be more happy. The Jazz plays great now and is a pleasure to play, and I needed a couple of mods on my 71 Pbass and it turned out great. I highly recommend Bryan for all your guitar needs. I will post a couple pics soon. Thanks again Bryan.Steve A. - Knoxville, TN
Bryan Parris is one of the only people I trust with my guitars. I always get them back from him feeling, playing, and sounding a little bit better than before. I honestly couldn’t recommend his work more highly.Jake F. - Knoxville, TN
Bryan Parris is fantastic, He has been working on my guitars for years and always over delivers on what you ask.Jason B. - Greenville, SC