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    There is nowhere on the guitar that requires more precision than the fretboard.  Choose a professional with the experience to do it right! Our fret dressing or fret replacement services will improve your guitar and make it play like a dream!


    Your guitar is great…but it doesn’t do EXACTLY what you want. Need a different wiring setup? A triple source acoustic system? Want to add a humbucker to your Strat? We can handle all types of modifications of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.


    Whether it’s a crack in your acoustic soundboard, a broken headstock on your Les Paul, or just plain busted up, we can put it back together again! We’ve got the experience, the tools, and knowledge to get it back in action.

Guitars are meant to be played!
Make them play great!

We are dealers for the following custom parts & more!

L.R. Baggs
Emerson Custom